Volunteer Opportunities

These working committees welcome your involvement:


This committee works with the local and county school districts to provide professional development to teachers and educational field trips for students. A member of this committee may help prepare students for their visit by doing a presentation in their classroom to build background for their experience as a student in a one-room school. Volunteers can also help with the stations students visit during their trip:

  • inside the school, touring the children and giving them an experience of how students learned in a one-room school
  • outside the school leading recess games children would have played at a one-room school
  • leading a spelling bee outside
  • helping with other geography or math-related stations outside
The education committee also does presentations for community organizations to raise awareness about our historical gem.


This committee acknowledges the current membership, maintains membership records, and seeks to grow membership through mailings and events.

Special Events

This committee plans the annual events, especially the Old Fashioned Christmas Open House in November and the Summer Open House in June. Publicity, artisans, volunteers, food, games, and other ideas are gathered to make a great event for visitors and those familiar with North Grove School.


North Grove School is supported by private donations. This committee seeks innovative ways to invite community members and organizations to support our school.

Building & Grounds

This committee takes good care to preserve our school in its most original state. A building that is 140+ years old needs a lot of TLC. This committee oversees the prioritization of preservation, restoration, and renovation as is needed. Annually, a clean-up day is organized in the spring, and many hands make light work. We welcome energetic, knowledgeable volunteers who can help preserve our special school.

Tour Guide

At each of our events, we have visitors who have many questions about the school and want to learn about one-room school education, as well as learn about our specific school. We are sometimes contacted for a tour of a group or a family. Additional tour guides are always helpful, and what a rewarding way to contribute!
people doing a Maypolechild bobbing for apples