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Information For Teacher Planning

North Grove Schoolhouse is available for field trips! We have resources for teachers to assist in planning. If you need assistance paying for field trip transportation, click the button below to fill out our grant form. Click here to view resources.
Recess Games of the Past
NGSA Memoirs
Book bag-4 books to use in the classroom prior/after the trip:


  • Schoolyard Games by Bobbie Kalman and Heather Livigne – tells about recess games that children played in one room school days. Good for planning your recess station for the field trip. (picture book)
  • A One-Room School, by Bobbie Kalman-good overview of one room school education (picture book)
  • One-Room School, by Raymond Bial-non-fiction reference book with great pictures
  • One Room Schools, by Susan Apps-Bodilly-non-fiction reference book with great pictures. Divided into chapters, so it’s easy to find particular topics.
Field trip planning and resources:

  • Informative Power Point presentation prior to the visit. Takes about an 45 minutes to an hour. This is differentiated for primary or older students.
  • Field Trip Resource box-housed at the school. Contains authentic books used for lessons, recess guide, chalk, slates, eraser cloths, binoculars, scarves for Capture the Flag, history of North Grove School house.
  • Depending on availability, North Grove School Association may provide a docent for the inside station of the school house. This is the same person who presents the Power Point presentation.
  • Because of limited space, this trip is weather-dependent. It is suggested that school groups book a field trip day as well as a rain date. (see below)
  • Lesson Plans and suggestions for four stations. The school is too small for more than 20 students to be inside at one time, so if a large group is divided into 4 small groups, and there are four, 30-40 minute stations, it works well. These lessons can be modified for lower grade levels, and other lessons can be substituted. Sample, modified lesson plans available. A 5th station (period of time) is for all students to eat lunch.
    • Spelling Bee-Adult conducts a spelling bee, much as students would have done on Fridays in the one room school. This is conducted outside.
    • A day in a one room school-inside the schoolhouse. An adult is the school teacher and takes students through some parts of a typical learning day.
    • Recess Games-students play traditional outdoor recess games, led by an adult. A laminated set of recess game instructions is available for use at the school.
    • Math and Mapping-An adult leads students through plat maps to see where nearby farms are, and students calculate the distance from those farms to North Grove School. Use of binoculars on the slide to view the farms from the school is an added, fun part of this part of the station.
Things to bring:

  • Chairs for adults leading stations
  • Garbage bags for lunch garbage. There is no garbage pick-up at the school.
  • Garbage bags for kids to sit on during outdoor lessons, if the grass is wet.
  • Hand sanitizer and/or wipes.
  • First Aid kit
  • Appropriate dress. If it is chilly, it can be chilly inside the house, so dressing is layers is recommended.

Field Trip Contact Info

For further information and to set up a field trip, please contact Jane Dargatz.

Phone: 815-751-3298
This is a link to a Google calendar which will show if there are any trips already scheduled at the school house. Another consideration is the availability of a NG member to assist, lead, unlock the school, etc.