Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours for the schoolhouse?

The schoolhouse is open for events and upon request. There are no regular weekly hours.

How can I arrange to visit the schoolhouse?


How do I arrange for a presentation about the schoolhouse for my organization?


How do teachers arrange for a class field trip at the schoolhouse?

Refer to the For Teachers page; all the information you need is there.

What are some events hosted by North Grove School?

There are three: An Open House on Pumpkinfest Saturday, A Swedish Christmas Celebration on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and a two-day Summer Days open house in June.

How do I become a member?

Complete the membership form (on the website) and make a donation (dues). 

What are the benefits to membership?

Support for preservation of the schoolhouse, updates from the Board, newsletters, invitations to events

How do I sign up for the annual newsletter? (The Slate)

Membership is the best way, but you could email